Monday, 19 December 2011

Where the Hell Have I Been?

School. That's where.

So blogging definitely fell on the back-burner, along with sleep and nourishment.

But now that the semester's finished for the season, I can get back to halfheartedly posting an occasional brainfart. Also, here's some Kill Screen stuff you may have missed:

First up is Please Try Again, the third in part of the No Ludo series, also featuring works by Jason Johnson and Ryan Kuo. The series attempts to tackle issues surrounding the fetishization of mechanics and systems in games, over, Heaven forfend, things like emotion or meaning. My piece focuses on the distinction between practice and play, comparing the process of learning and playing music to the process of practicing and playing games. Also, there's some Street Fighter involved.

Next is my review of Series Sam: The Random Encounter. I talk about where the game goes write in translating the FPS to turn-based RPG format, and some of the ways it goes very, very annoyingly wrong.

Plus, I spoke to Matt Thorson, creator of the Jumper and Give Up, Robot series. Thorson had some very interesting things to say about his creative process, inspiration, minimalist game design and the meaning of difficulty.

I attended the Montreal International Game Summit 2011 back in November, and recounted my experience. I spoke to some very cool people, including Nels Anderson and Jason Rohrer, about all the troublesome ways in which to improve games as a medium, what we know, and what we don't, and what we should try anyway.

Finally, enjoy this Pre-Game Interview with Randy Smith. We delve into Smith's childhood and talk about what inspired him to design games, where his favorite hideouts were, who he admired, and what he feared most as a kid. And you might not want to miss the most glorious, 80s-chic adolescent photo of Smith he had the good humor to let us publish. It's tubular.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more (I promise!)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Let's go bowling: Check out my review of Rock of Ages

So, instead of writing an "Article Afterthought", which is already kind of a self-indulgent thing to do, I'm just going to direct you to my Kill Screen review of multi-genre hybrid Rock of Ages. You can check out a little taste and preface of the piece after the jump.

Friday, 2 September 2011

What to Do With Yourself in the Meantime

Hello all!

So if you haven't noticed, I've been a little lazy with the posting. But I promise, more posts are on their way! You can expect a little transvestism, a little Grant Morrison, and a meaty slab of Mario. What in the Hell does that mean?

Stay patient and you'll find out!

For now, go read my Kill Screen review of Catherine. Yes, yes, I know: this was posted on Monday. It has already been well-established that I'm lazy. But there's some good stuff in there--a little Freud, a little demonology, a flock of sheep. Some blocks. All kinds of stuff. Give it a go! (If you really care, some have voiced concerns over spoilers: I've only "spoiled" a possible eighth of a very multifaceted game--so if the idea of spoilers really bug you, this is your warning. But I don't think they should bug you that much. My personal opinion).

Also--expect another Super Mario Bros. The Movie analysis in the coming weeks. I'm going through all available early drafts, so it's taking some time. But I promise there is more to come on that front!

Until next time,


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Giving Super Mario Bros. The Movie Another Look--No, Seriously! Part 1

So a little while ago, I wrote this short news bit for covering the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive site's acquisition of 4 early drafts of the unfortunate screenplay. Soon after I was very unexpectedly, very graciously emailed by Steven Applebaum, one of the site's curators, who asked me to re-post the brief article on their forum. What's more, I was also asked to provide extra commentary on the film and its 4 early scripts. It took me awhile. I sifted through production notes, story pitches, read 2 vastly different scripts and one revision (and I will be reading the rest). I studied for this how I should have studied for every test I've ever had.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Article Afterthoughts: Shorting a Circuit in the Irrational Hate Machine

My boyfriend, in what was actually a very sweet gesture, posted my article The Best of Both Worlds on a regularly visited message board of his--which will go unnamed. I'm already fully aware of the rampant anti-intellectualism and misogyny festering on the site (although he still finds use for it, my boyfriend refers to the board as an "irrational hate machine"), but I still found it hard to accept when my piece, touching on the very contentious feminism and literary analysis, garnered mostly ridicule and dismissal. One poster openly refused to even read my article because he saw that it was authored by a woman. Others demeaned me, and it, clearly pretending to have read it (or, demonstrating the limitations of their reading comprehension). But it crossed a line for me when another user, a real prize pig himself, creeped upon my Twitter page, posted my profile pic on the message board, and proclaimed in all caps that I used to be a man. Finally: they were attacking my appearance. In retrospect, it took them awhile.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Kill Screen Feature! --Sifting through the pages of Bayonetta

Hi all!

My first KS feature, entitled The Best of Both Worlds, has gone up today! The article takes a literary look at Bayonetta, going beyond the boobs and into the territory of our heroine's complexity of character, dynamism and potential. The piece takes a look at the SEGA title through the lenses of James Joyce and Jacques Derrida. Here's a taste:

Welcome to the grand unveiling!

Well, that took forever, didn't it?

Okay, so I'm lazy. Blogging is hard, man!

Ahem....allow me to kick things off by introducing myself: