Thursday, 4 August 2011

New Kill Screen Feature! --Sifting through the pages of Bayonetta

Hi all!

My first KS feature, entitled The Best of Both Worlds, has gone up today! The article takes a literary look at Bayonetta, going beyond the boobs and into the territory of our heroine's complexity of character, dynamism and potential. The piece takes a look at the SEGA title through the lenses of James Joyce and Jacques Derrida. Here's a taste:

Bayonetta is shown to be an ambiguous character, a savior and an outcast of her world, both resolute and unsure of herself, of her own history. She is in the process of reaching her character’s potential, which, despite her flirtatious, curvaceous, cartoonishly disproportionate drawbacks, makes her feel more relevant and compelling than many videogame characters. She is dynamic, and her progress is embedded in the game’s story, scenery, and gameplay. 

Also: a major handshake goes out to Daniel Purvis, who did an awesome job on the article's image:

Check out the rest today! Or wolves will stalk you. (Not really.)


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