Friday, 2 September 2011

What to Do With Yourself in the Meantime

Hello all!

So if you haven't noticed, I've been a little lazy with the posting. But I promise, more posts are on their way! You can expect a little transvestism, a little Grant Morrison, and a meaty slab of Mario. What in the Hell does that mean?

Stay patient and you'll find out!

For now, go read my Kill Screen review of Catherine. Yes, yes, I know: this was posted on Monday. It has already been well-established that I'm lazy. But there's some good stuff in there--a little Freud, a little demonology, a flock of sheep. Some blocks. All kinds of stuff. Give it a go! (If you really care, some have voiced concerns over spoilers: I've only "spoiled" a possible eighth of a very multifaceted game--so if the idea of spoilers really bug you, this is your warning. But I don't think they should bug you that much. My personal opinion).

Also--expect another Super Mario Bros. The Movie analysis in the coming weeks. I'm going through all available early drafts, so it's taking some time. But I promise there is more to come on that front!

Until next time,


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