Monday, 19 December 2011

Where the Hell Have I Been?

School. That's where.

So blogging definitely fell on the back-burner, along with sleep and nourishment.

But now that the semester's finished for the season, I can get back to halfheartedly posting an occasional brainfart. Also, here's some Kill Screen stuff you may have missed:

First up is Please Try Again, the third in part of the No Ludo series, also featuring works by Jason Johnson and Ryan Kuo. The series attempts to tackle issues surrounding the fetishization of mechanics and systems in games, over, Heaven forfend, things like emotion or meaning. My piece focuses on the distinction between practice and play, comparing the process of learning and playing music to the process of practicing and playing games. Also, there's some Street Fighter involved.

Next is my review of Series Sam: The Random Encounter. I talk about where the game goes write in translating the FPS to turn-based RPG format, and some of the ways it goes very, very annoyingly wrong.

Plus, I spoke to Matt Thorson, creator of the Jumper and Give Up, Robot series. Thorson had some very interesting things to say about his creative process, inspiration, minimalist game design and the meaning of difficulty.

I attended the Montreal International Game Summit 2011 back in November, and recounted my experience. I spoke to some very cool people, including Nels Anderson and Jason Rohrer, about all the troublesome ways in which to improve games as a medium, what we know, and what we don't, and what we should try anyway.

Finally, enjoy this Pre-Game Interview with Randy Smith. We delve into Smith's childhood and talk about what inspired him to design games, where his favorite hideouts were, who he admired, and what he feared most as a kid. And you might not want to miss the most glorious, 80s-chic adolescent photo of Smith he had the good humor to let us publish. It's tubular.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more (I promise!)

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