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More About: Lana Polansky

I'm a freelance video game critic, writer and journalist residing in Montreal, Canada. I have a Liberal Arts background, a passion for creative writing, music, art, history, technology and literature. And I have a deep admiration and love for video games. I love gadgets, buttons and pixels. But more than that, I love all the stuff that goes into making a video game, mainstream or indie, big dev team or small. I love the ability games have to make us feel, empathize and experience on a visceral level, to communicate meanings and ideas and to balance the intellectual and the cognitive with the emotional, the passionate and the primal. Video games are a unique mode of representation, yet incorporate so many human accomplishments. Only music, or poetry, possess a comparable ability to engage in the way that video games -and, for that matter, the entire body of interactive art- do. 

I really am a baby, only having just started getting myself published, both with my University newspaper, The Concordian, and elsewhere online. As a matter of fact, I still attend University on a semi-regular basis. The unfortunate result of this, of course, is that I won't be able to maintain this blog with an ideal frequency during the semester. But don't despair! I will try to keep up with it, even at the worst of times. Even during my exam period. 

Currently, I'm an associate staff writer for Kill Screen Magazine. I write news, features, reviews and what-have-you for them on an increasingly regular basis. They're good people. Give them hits. 

I'm also totally open to offers. I want to write for your magazine, website, pamphlet, napkin, etc. Really, I'll write for peanuts. I'm only half kidding.

For 140-character musings and brainfarts, follow me on Twitter: @LanaMBP